Kleinhans Music Hall

Buffalo Engineering was selected by the City of Buffalo as the Prime Consultant for the Kleinhans Music Hall reconstruction work for upgrades to HVAC, plumbing and fire protection, with the goals of reducing water consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and complying with building codes. The main focus of the project was to address the existing cooling system. The air conditioning system was comprised of two 150-ton chillers (connected to four main air handler units) that cooled most of the building, and one 40-ton chiller that conditioned the Livingston Hall solely. All three chillers used the city’s domestic water in a “one pass” condensing system where the water was put through the condenser and then dumped into the sanitary sewer line. It was estimated that 13 million gallons of water was used annually for cooling.

To determine the most cost effective method to update the HVAC, we analyzed several options and performed a life cycle cost analysis using the DOE Building Life-Cycle Cost program. The option selected was two modular water-cooled chillers (167-ton capacity each in the existing chiller room), a 340-ton cooling tower (installed in the adjoining areaway), and associated alterations. Additional work included new fire service and domestic service, domestic water service meter and backflow preventers.

Constructed in 1940, Kleinhans is internationally-acclaimed for its acoustical excellence and architectural design. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989.

Photo via kleinhansbuffalo.org