Buffalo Public Schools

Buffalo Engineering provided engineering services for the Buffalo Public Schools Reconstruction Program, a decade-long, district-wide, five-phase reconstruction effort that involved more than 45 preK-12 schools and nearly $1.4 billion in capital improvements. The program was designed to transform every facility in the district into 21st-century learning centers of excellence and ensures that all district schools achieve the same technology, energy and infrastructure standards.

In total, we provided engineering services for 23 schools and with construction costs of over $360 million. Our knowledge of school building code and NYSED requirements supported project completion from design through construction. We also facilitated the NYSED review and permitting process by attending NYSED meetings with BPS and project team personnel.

For Phase III, IV and V, we also provided a full scope of services to implement energy conservation and facility improvement measures at 60+ schools in support of a $71 million energy performance contract. Additionally, we provided engineering services for the Phase II and Phase V District-Wide Technology (DWT) projects, to include expansion of telecommunications wiring, infrastructure to support interactive whiteboards, and de-centralization of the District’s existing network hub with replacement at another location along with a redundant site, and each with N+1 reliability.

Other BPS Projects Include:

  • School #66/North Park Academy New Addition for Cafeteria and Classrooms: The 13,700 sf, three-story building will have six classrooms and a new cafeteria to serve 450-500 students in three lunch periods. The project will enable the BPS to convert the school into a grades preK-8 building from its current grade 5-8 student population.
  • School #301/Burgard Vocational High School Advanced Manufacturing Program and Upgrades: $3.2 million project to provide training facilities in auto technology, welding, and machine tool technology to bridge the gap in workforce needs. Space included automotive tech shops, welding fabrication lab, and welding and general trades shops.

Bennett Park Montessori Architect of Record and photo credit: Stieglitz Snyder Architecture