NYS Office of General Services

Buffalo Engineering was awarded a Term Contract to provide MEP engineering services for OGS facilities statewide. Individual project costs ranged from $215,000 to $5.591 million, with total construction cost for assigned projects of approximately $22 million. Projects included:

  • Auburn Correctional Facility:
    • Replace Steel Cell Backs and Replace Domestic Water Piping ‘C’ Block, Building No. 4
    • Replace Plumbing, Repair Steel Cell Backs, ‘E’ Block, Building No. 2Collins I and II Correctional Facility Remove Piping
  • Dulles State Office Building Replace VCV Mixing Boxes With VAV Mixing Boxes
  • Finger Lakes Residential Center Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Work and Repair HVAC Controls and Systems
  • Mid-State Correctional Facility Replace Emergency Generators and Switchgear, Power House  Building No. 17 
  • Nathan Kline Research Institute Rehabilitate Lab Areas, Building No. 39
  • Wende Correctional Facility Replace Heating System and Security Windows, Building 7 & 8

Our projects encompassed rehabilitation, renovation and improvements involving a wide range of MEP systems, along with hazardous material surveys, architectural design, and structural engineering requirements.

Buffalo Engineering was also awarded a Term Contract to provide studies, design and construction phase support services for the replacement of existing heating system controls (pneumatic controls and non-open-protocol systems) with facility-wide open-protocol DDC systems at DOCCS facilities. The objectives were to ensure future scalability, improve operation and maintenance of HVAC equipment, and reduce the annual operational costs of the systems. Projects were completed at the Bare Hill, Lakeview and Five Points Correctional Facilities.